Friday, December 21, 2012

Thanks to all, and Happy New Years

Dear friends,

Today is December 21, 2012 and finally I have the opportunity to close a period of my life. 

During the 2012 many opportunities I have had for my own growth, already today I am almost 50 years old and there is no doubt that each day brings a new opportunity.

In 2012, the health of my family has been incredibly excellent, my children grow very strong, and my dear wife still in love with me, that is wonderful.

With regard to my business, this 2012 has been a super year, only one from it I have,... the future is great.

After many years of work, reviewing thousands of way to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of many systems of work, I could begin to publish my ideas for the use of all, because in them the guarantee of a great future I have found.

All I have had is because people who have helped me in thousands of ways, oblivious to my family, especially my wife, who without her I would have failed,.........two people like, Grant Cardone a very special person in my life, that his proposes to always deliver a better idea to everyone, thanks to him,today I give you my ideas.

The second person is Terry Hanks, another big man who firmly believes in having a working system and thanks to repeat every day the same thing today he has the most excellent work system I've ever met.

Now this 2012 has been a super year, thousands and millions of dollars have moved searching speculatively for a profit and can I be sure that the 2013 will be much greater.

The funds I management from third-party entities and people are growing and will continue to grow and I owe that to a working system that seeks an almost automated business opportunity in the sequence of red and green triangles. 

I hope that my reports delivered to you an idea of how to balance an investment and how to complete this.

I hope that my triangles give a better idea of how could the price move base in a series of averages calculated by complex and highly sophisticated algorithms.

I will be back on January 7 of 2013,

Thanks again for your support.

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