Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Alert,....$AMRN,....what Carajo are you doing,.......I am so sorry about you

October 17, 2013
The Drama Continue, and you have to fix the average to e out of this trade

Monthly Chart 
Period 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013

Fair price channel between the low price after the split 1.57, and the Monthly resistance level at 6.95

Price fair for a takeover is 3.75 cash deal.

Remove the board (banner the current C.E.O.) flea market parking lot.

Honestly I am going to be in business again with AMRN when the 1.48 is on trade, the same price I paid years ago when I started trading with this funny stock.

I quit AMRN on the last June, since that moment I have been making my alert about the drama about your money, but it isnt enough, and now you want to believe that AMRN is a bad stock.

The only mistake that you have been making since you decide to play a lottery game with a stock market business, was trade with a 100% margin requirement, I sorry you are the problem here.

Low Range 1.57 and High Range 6.95 for the Business Gap Bridget

Business Gap Bridget 77.41% Very Idiot
30% of The Planned Profit on Business Gap 23.22%
50% of The Planned Profit on Business Gap 38.71%

High Margin Requirement 100%,...Stupid High Exposure of Capital

Resistance Level at 5.34
Self-Correction Level at 4.26
Support Level at 3.18

Bollinger Band Trading Alert on "Neutral"

Trend Performance "Downtrend"

Average Price Paid Must be -Above- For a Sell Short Position at 9.38

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