Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My "know how" about my Investment Fund Manager

The main rule on my business is the Cash Flow System, it  helps me to keep my Trading Plan in a good shape, when I said it, I want to say,....unlimited available cash is fundamental for your business plan.

On any trend type,...for any stock, the averages become a very strong key, no one can be 100% sure about if the entry point on each investment is the perfect entry point, but the Average System or what I call The Scaling System will provide you,.....the only chance to avoid to be in "stop loss", feature recommended by wonderful traders and advisors.

I am not here to lose money through a very cheap  idea of closing  my position if it is 5% under the water!

I am  "a money manager" of more than 19 brokerage account now, with a margin power average of 191.7 mio until market closed on Sept 24, 2013, and I don't take the risk to play with "stop loss condition" on an average portfolio of 60 to 120 open position, specially in these days when Market has collapsed for a small time event.

The Cash Flow system will help to avoid to be under emotional shopping spree, and it show you a scaling cash value for each scaling. One of the most big trading mistake is when the traders make scale or adding share at irregular price levels.

After 28 years of experience I have been found that the average on my whole list of trading is 0.33 cents, it has a big meaning for me.

I have to have a clear "idea",...that the maths on special the mathematical statistics  is the MOST strong knowledge needed by traders, you will be able to find "how" the large account,...like Banks, Big Firm, Hedge Fund, Corporations and other Firm run its own investment fund, and cash flow.

All those well-known indicators and how they work in your investments take you to a dead end.

The Averages are the best and the most effective way to make your business OK, even for a bodyshop or an investment account, how you interact with the averages, it will help you or not  to manage your business plan,.....

On the current market,... IT process is behind the large amount of buying and selling process. Controlled by "software", "algorithms",  or "computer click".

the well kept secret by a few is,....all these algorithms act, because the averages are changing, these equations are going to be in "on mode" or will be triggered by them.

Theses averages or mean are well and well forgotten by traders, but not by advisors, they know exactly what they are talking about, but they are not willing to share with you,....that is the real reason "why" on each call you never know "why" is a good entry.

My dear traders the word "average" is the only guide for your own business map, and that is why my system become irrelevant for a lot of traders and on special for  those who control the "advice" choice system or advice media system.

My Work System is a combo of 8 indicators with more than 91 algorithms acting as color sensors, scale sensors and level sensors that help me to develop, manage and build up to the end my business plan.

My own reference about "how" I am trading is collected or showed in my blog, first entry, and a sequence of scaling can provide you a true and real picture.

On my system you are going to have a few alerts that help you to control or making your emotional trading system "out of business".

I cannot trade by impulse, I have to locate my Business Gap Bridge, and after that I have a very clear GPS of how the price trend should go, that is why I am drawing a triangles.

Draw triangles  help me to have a visual idea how the levels have to be crossed by the price and how you can see clearly the inside force of the Market.

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