Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sell Short Position on $CTL,......Open at 32.87

Daily Stock Picks Oct 15 2013 Shorts

The first short on the list is CTL, CenturyLink Inc.  (NYSE:CTL).  CTL is in the telecommunications sector and trades on the NYSE.  We like CTL as a short for tomorrow for the following reasons:
  • The stock had a large gap down in August on heavy volume
  • The stock has not been able to move up significantly from the gap down
  • The stock recently enjoyed a two-day rally and has started to pull back
  • The stock moved down today on a day that the overall market moved up
For tomorrow, if the stock is able to drop below $32.50, we will look to short it with a price target of $32.02 as an intra-day trade.  A daily chart of CTL is below:

Opening Sell Short Position at 32.87
Low Range 31.01 and High Range 33.39 for the Business Bridget Gap
Business Gap Bridget 7.13%
30% of The Planned Profit on Business Gap 2.14%
50% of The Planned Profit on Business Gap 3.56%
Low Margin Requirement 30%,...Low exposure of Capital
Resistance Level at 32.68
Self-Correction Level at 32.20
Support Level at 31.72
Trend Performance "Uptrend"
Average Price Paid Must be -Above- 
For a Sell Short Position at 32.08
Cash Marginable Securities $ 375,500.00
Non-Marginable Securities $ 1,251,666.67
Scaling Rate 0.33 Cents changed
Follow the Scaling System Up and Down
Scaling Amount on each level 125,166.67
Cash Flow at 9.98%

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