Friday, October 25, 2013

Sell Short Position on $PRKR,.....once upon a time, when traders do not know their costs and cash flow

Yesterday more than 94.16% of traders were once again destroyed financially, the bad habit of not checking what is the margin for that business has brought bad news to many households.

When the market suddenly takes a price to levels at short times, and these average ridiculously moving outrages, then it is better that you do the opposite, is a practice well known for the old traders.

If you do not know the impact of averages, then please avoid negotiations on risk mode.

October 23 I saw traders buying large quantities at 7.48, which was the spirit that dominated the passion of these traders, what they were doing, waiting for good news, which moved the price up 12%, but what chance that the price had moved 65% down, ..... 82% chance that bad news brought down the price to the bottom, that was a very risky calculation.

Change 65% for a measly 12% that was smart, thanks again for helping with my position....


Scaling Up at: 7.15, and 7.48
Volatility Stop Bearish
Position Days Held 6
Low Range 2.16 and High Range 7.78 for the Business Bridget Gap Up
Business Gap Bridget 72.24% Up
30% of The Planned Profit on Business Gap 21.67% Up
50% of The Planned Profit on Business Gap 32.12% Up
High Margin Requirement 100%,...High exposure of Capital
Resistance Level at 6.09 Up
Self-Correction Level at 4.97 Up
Support Level at 3.85 Up
Trend Performance "Neutral"
Bollinger Band Alert Trading "Neutral"
Average Price Paid Must be -Above- 
For a Sell Short Position Up at 3.90
Average Price Paid 7.0744 Up
Cash Marginable Securities $ 275,000.00 unchanged
Non-Marginable Securities $ 275,000.00 unchanged
Scaling Rate 0.33 Cents changed
Follow the Scaling System Up and Down 
Scaling Amount on each level 27,500.00
Cash Flow at 49.39%

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