Friday, November 15, 2013

$AMCC Chart Update,...By Anthony Calhoun

On November 1st I set a watch for AMCC for a 3SMA to cross the 5SMA.  That happened very small on the 5th and did not carry on for the next day.  I wanted to see it cross and hold the next day before entering on a .02cent cross.  On the 8th I actually seen that happen and would of made a good entry.  Even though I see the crossover downward on the 14th if I entered on the 8th I would be scaling down.  If I entered around $11.20 I would have made a second purchase at $10.87 and have an average of $11.04.  I would also make sure I could make 8 more scale in's.  Make sure you read here and here to understand more. This stock is still 6.5% under the 20SMA which is always a safe exit, and a correction level around $12.58

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