Saturday, November 16, 2013

Managing your Investment Funds,....By Anthony Calhoun

Managing your investment funds.

Just like any business or household if you don't manage your money properly you will be out of business or bankrupt.

 There are a couple ways you can manage your money, as a novice or a professional.  Most investors will find a stock, hope to pick the bottom and enter heavy.  They then set a stop loss and when the stock goes down they exit the position with a loss.  This has been proven to do damage to a portfolio, as most investors move from one loss to another.  Studies have been done by Larry Connors and others stating stop losses will hurt your portfolio.

 Mr. Navarrete Investment Fund Manager Calculator is a great way to manage money.  It was created by him and uses much more than we will cover here.  Since no one can pick tops or bottoms no matter how much they claim to the ideal is to be able to scale into your position at least ten times preparing for the worse.  The average scale in is every .33cents up or down.  In any business retail, food, and etc… it’s all about your average price on your goods.  We want to build a good average price on our stocks to take profit when we cover or sell. The ideal is not to get emotional, you have to be a robotic trader.  We have seen this system work over and over again, you can see multiple examples on this blog on how the system works.  To learn more contact Mr. Navarrete.
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