Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sell Short Position on $PCCC,..Scaling Up and Down

Scaling Up and Down

Scaling Up at 20.75, 21.08, 21.41 and 21.74
Volatility Stop Bullish
Low Range 14.75 and High Range 21.74 for the Business Bridget Gap
Business Gap Bridget 32.15Up
30% of The Planned Profit on Business Gap 10.61% Up
50% of The Planned Profit on Business Gap 16.08% Up
Low Margin Requirement 30%,...Low exposure of Capital unchanged
Resistance Level at 19.64 Up
Self-Correction Level at 18.25 Up
Support Level at 16.85 Up
Trend Performance "Uptrend" unchanged
Bollinger Band Alert Trading "Neutral" unchanged
Average Price Paid Must be -Above-For a Sell Short Position at 19.62 Up
Cash Marginable Securities $ 175,000.00 unchanged
Non-Marginable Securities $ 583,333.33 unchanged
Scaling Rate 0.33 Cents changed
Scaling System Up and Down Scaling Amount on each level 58,333.33 unchanged
Cash Flow at 89.57% Up

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