Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Alert,....$INDU,......Dow Jones,...Houston we got trouble again !!!!

My portfolio is evidence of what the market is going to do, Sell Off Mode

Sell Short Position Open  (88)
Long Position Open         (6)

the market is showing overbought levels extremely realistic , now do not know what will happen with the new fight between the immoral senators we have in Congress and a President unreal.

The current averages are swallowing the algorithms , the market is showing the face of a sell off period .

Do not expect to be surprised, your portfolio has to be well organized avoid doing what the bull say they want to stay without you.

Avoid being on the hunt for prizes , the lottery is played only twice a week and this is the business of every day , .... sensibles to key companies must be eliminated in this period as related to pharmaceutical and oil sector and metals.

Reduce all that required investment with a margin of over 30 % , to avoid being punished severely , the cash flow is your most precious asset , the gains are the result of a good control of capital investment .

In these last days many of my friends delighted by these siren songs have been lost over 70% of investments in those calls Bio -Pharma investments that have plagued the market with false promises and have built a number of false events that are only possible in the eyes of the devil, moral responsibility with money is the essence of any business.

Who promises gains , with percentages exaggerated , who says it 144 % is possible in three months , or a year , and you buy that idea , sit down with your family and try to explain it in less than that time you will lose money family.

Do something for putting together a working system , sell your idea to avoid being sold , believe in what you see, avoid walking on the side of the devil , survive every day , every week, every month, every event, whether a survivor , I am a survivor.

I survived the vice , pain , terror , lies , evil financial officers , financial events , financial crises, presidents , and I'll survive this Federal Congress full of dictators and thieves , I will survive this low passion that filled the minds of traders.

Be real people , are fair with math , they are his big problems , study the averages , the mathematical statistics exists in every event , no such study in which traders Academy 5-7000 dollars sing them dollars , the dollars must be gradually win.

Indicators that you find easy to understand review it every day, make drawings in the graphics will give you a chance to see the possible scenarios and believe in what you think, ask for help, 80% of traders lose consistently, 15% win sometimes, only 5% earn in each selection.

Who are you?
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