Thursday, December 12, 2013

$DJ-30 Chart Update and Other Updates By Anthony Calhoun...........

Would like to start with $AGCO to say it hit $61.39 a couple days ago braking the correction level of $60.60 I set when I alerted it as a buy on 11/15/2013.  You should have been able to take around 6% profit if scaled properly and would have been 12% on a 50% margin.  If you follow me on twitter I did shut my account down to focus more on trading then tweeting, but have decided to keep it up.  You can find me at  The last trade I posted was $BTU at $18.33 and hit $19.5 within a couple days.  I can not say I will post many trades because they have been overnight holds.  Entered $JBLU yesterday an exited today and entered $AMKR today.  I will update more long term plays, or other trades when the market is at a better level.

Now for DJ-30

If you seen my last update of the w pattern brake out it looks like we broke through the brake line support. If you see the chart you will see we tested it once then broke through.  The next levels on the chart are Fibonacci retracements. For a little more about them click here.  Until the market corrects will not be taking any long term trades, but will make shorter trades based on hourly charts.
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