Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Long Position on $AMRN,.......Opening at 1.65

If I check my own history on $AMRN, I am going to say,...it was fun, every triangle, every swing I was taken, and too many traders are "out of business" today, because their never have the minimum consideration that "drama" will be show up.

I hate trade with Bio-Pharm stocks, they are always unpredictable and the 100% margin requirement is a big killer of the cash flow for the investment, and that is my trading method.

I am a survivor of any financial and economic crisis from the 80's, The Black Tuesday, every US President, War, The 2008 Crash, Internet Bubble,  Real Estate Bubble, and any bullshit around, I am 50 years old, and I doing Money Management for diferents investor and pension funds, and also I am and I will be a survivor of $AMRN.

As part of my age, I have been increasing my skills, experiences and also my health problem, and one this health problem "was" the funny and crazy guys called "cholesterol", the good one and bad one, who care, for years and years I was fighting this medical condition, from 649 to 248 that was my range.

On the last 6 years I was almost impossible to breakdown the mark of the 248 (triglycerides), it has to be under 150 mg/dl, but (but) (but) (but) my dear friend Steven P. Milo M.D. put my "unbreakable" mark of my 248 triglycerides) in 170 H in just 3 months, and the winner was "Vascepa" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethyl_eicosapentaenoic_acid).

If Vascepa was capable to breakdown my super resistance level of triglycerides,..........Vascepa is a future, might with others, but here is my plan about Vascepa.

Since yesterday December 16, I started a super position on $AMRN where I am planning to build up a position as strong as 25 mio in cash value (as total trade), for the next 16 months I am going to surf on $AMRN,...Vascepa is a good candidate for the next generation of people like me.

I am sorry about my family doctor, she doesnt know nothing about Vascepa, it is not even in her prescription system, but she add it to her system as soon she saw my triglycerides mark broken down, she was amazingly surprised.

Traders, English Language is my second language, please read carefully, thanks again

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