Monday, April 7, 2014

Alert,....$INDU,......Dow Jones,...Battleship formation, everyone want this down,...can you see that?

This moment reminds me of the movie Battleship, they could see them, but the radar does not show anything, now do not tell me they see a good thing, because the radar is showing garbage averages.

Open long position can be very risky, I want to take profits, and that forced me to sell very quickly and aggressively, like me, there are many, with lots of money,...siren calls will take you to hell ride.

I hope you enjoy having your Long positions in red for a few weeks, this will take a little time to regain confidence, ...... the radar says we need a super-correction, it says that.

Have a fun with your money, it is not important!!!!

ahhh, the support level for a first time is below the triangle, and my calculator is showing neutral performance, 50% to still going up, 50% chance to go down, what will be your consideration?

My personal opinion, market need go down significantly, and roast pork

that is weird, good luck

Market running a self-correction level indicating a large gap for a easy discount,...Long Position recommend,...Sell Short Position cover recommend. The Bollinger Band Trading Alert for "Buying Level", any price paid for a Long position has to be BELOW 16,200 level history. any price paid for a Short position has to be ABOVE 16,200 level history.

January 30, 2014

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