Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Alert,....$INDU,......Dow Jones,...Targeting Self-Correction Level

"Russia saved us from one Third World War desencadenada the West"

European governments led by the U.S. accuse without proof of crimes while Russia put the world on the brink of a global war, says Cees J. Hamelink, Professor of Science Communication at the University of Amsterdam.
"Please accept our apologies on behalf of a large number of people here in the Netherlands, by our government and our media. Facts related to the  MH17  are manipulated to defame you and your country, "writes Cees J. Hamelink, director of the Center for Communication and Human Rights of Amsterdam in a letter to the Russians in general and Russian President Vladimir Putin, in particular Dutch and published in the web open letter  NEOPresse . says Dutch professor that the majority of Europeans are against the political path imposed by the EU and the U.S., but the 'spokespersons powers', the controlled media continue to demonize Russia.

Russia saved mankind from World War unleashed by the West

"We reject the double standards that are used to Russia and the West in our societies need to have enough to convict tests you and your people have been found guilty of 'crimes' without proof,.. Is cruel and despicable," said the teacher.  " We have been saved from a  conflict in Syria  that could trigger another world war.'s mass killing of innocent Syrian civilians with gas attacks by Al Qaeda terrorists, trained and armed by the U.S. and paid by Saudi Arabia, were attributed to Assad. Thus, the West sought to turn public opinion against Assad, paving the way for an attack on Syria, "he said. 

Western forces have been trained and armed an 'opposition' in Ukraine to prepare a legitimate government coup

"Shortly thereafter, Western forces have created, trained and armed a call" opposition "in  Ukraine to prepare a coup against the legitimate government of Kiev. Western governments quickly recognized the coup. They received loans of money from our taxes to support their new government, "says the Dutch expert. "People of Crimea did not agree with this and proved it with peaceful demonstrations. anonymous sniping action and violence of Ukrainian troops have made ​​these demands for independence protests in Kiev "Hamelink wrote.

"The facts of the MH17 are manipulated to defame you and your country"

"Russia is unfairly accused, without evidence or investigation, to deliver the weapons that supposedly brought down the  MH17 . For this reason Western governments say they have a right to economic pressure on Russia, "says the professor.  "It is true, unfortunately, that our media has lost all independence and are merely spokesmen for the powers. " "We see that Western governments do not serve the people, but working for a New World Order. Destruction of sovereign nations and killing millions of innocent people is apparently the price to pay to achieve this goal" he concluded. "We the people of the Netherlands, we want peace and justice for both Russia and with Russia," he concluded in his open letter Hamelink. 

August 6, 2014

Stochastics Oversold

EE.UU, and EU sabotaging the Market with Russian Bullshit, will make your own investment ruined, be smart the US and EU governments are killing the market,..

MACD moving downside with a 3 months negative performance.
Target Level 15,883 before open a large long positions, for now a short positions will be better suitable. 
Volatility Stop Bearish
Low Range 15,340
High Range 17.151 
Business Bridget Gap Bridget 10.56%
Self-Correction Level at 16,246
Support Level at 15,883
Trend Performance "Downtrend"
Bollinger Band Alert Trading "Neutral"

February 3, 2014

Market running a self-correction level indicating a large gap for a easy discount,...Long Position recommend,...Sell Short Position cover recommend. The Bollinger Band Trading Alert for "Buying Level", any price paid for a Long position has to be BELOW 16,200 level history. any price paid for a Short position has to be ABOVE 16,200 level history.

January 30, 2014

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