Tuesday, September 8, 2015

$ATVI,...Long Position Open at 27.73 on Sept 1, 2015 (holding and scaling)

Open a Long Position at 27.73 on Sept 1, 2015

Opening Long and Scaling Up

Low Range 24.04
High Range 30.00
Business Bridget Gap Bridget 19.87%
30% of The Planned Profit on Business Gap 6.56%
50% of The Planned Profit on Business Gap 9.93%
Low Margin Requirement 25%,...Low exposure of Capital 
Resistance Level at 28.21
Self-Correction Level at 27.02
Support Level at 25.83
Trend Performance "Neutral"
Bollinger Band Monthly Trading Alert "Neutral"
Bollinger Band Day-Trading Alert "Neutral"
Opening a Short Sell Position at 27.73
Average Price Paid Must be -Above-For a Sell Short Position at 28.233 oK!!!!
Cash Marginable Securities $ 25,000.00
Non-Marginable Securities $ 100,000.00
Scaling Rate 0.33 Cents changed
Scaling System Up and Down
Scaling Amount on each level 10,000.00
Cash Flow at   39.79% Cash Flow Ok.
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