Friday, April 8, 2016

EUR Vs USA, ...Monthly Averages Performance for Export Companies

  • Since June 30 of 2014, the Eur versus Usd has been in a downside, touching a low of 1.0462 on March 31 of 2015, here we have the Business Gap Bridge (low range).
  • On April 30 of 2014, we have the Business Gap Bridge (high range) at 1.3993.
  • Support Level at 1.1500
  • Self-Correction Level at 1.22
  • Resistance Level at 1.29
  • Aroon Indicator is showing buyers are controlling the trend (Long Position).
  • Previous Month the Price touched a low of 1.0822 to a high of 1.1412 for the 2do best and strong month performance in the last 14 months for 5.45% up, accumulating an 8.67% since the lowest 1.0462.
  • The MACD indicator is a pace of the most strong performance in the last 20 months, for a next 14 month of a positive trend.
  • The price has been playing a trend between the low range and support level for the last 14 months, indicating that an ascending triangle is in place for up to 10% moving up in the next months (1.26).
  • Between support and self-correction level price will trade with some taking profits, consolidating its gain for a new level (resistance level), this process will take up to 5 months.
  • On self-correction level, I do not recommend open any contract for more than 3 months for export, using rate forward, the payment has to be close as near to the payment day, do not open any invoice for more than 30 days to be pay using the price of the Eur/Usd on the invoice date, 
  • On Self-Correction level, the market thru the inside force will sell off Eur against Usd up to 6%.
  • The SMA-3 is moving above the SMA-9 days average, showing strong up performance

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