Friday, May 6, 2016

$AMRN, ...New Triangle after Earning Call

New triangle in place, the low level of calculation of space to negotiate (Business Gap Bridge) remains at 1.25, but the high level for the calculation to negotiate decreased to 1.99

The new level of support is now 1.47, was 1.63

The new level of auto-correction is now 1.62, was 1.88

The new resistance level is now 1.77,  was 2.13

I've open 3 Aroon periods to calculated the length of this negative swing, all running negative.

Volume still under the averages for a bad earning call.

The negative continuous MACD indicator, adding share just for larger cash flow account.

The volume of operations related to the price (Volumen at Price) negotiated between 1.55 and 1.45 this showing that buyers accumulate more strength than the sellers.

These notes were translated using BING translator, warns doubts for this to be evaluated in books of finance, thanks again, study at least at Investopedia would help much to the new traders.
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