Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Updating $AMRN Charts, Data, Indicator and Others August 31 of 2016

$AMRN Aroon UP under 50 (42.86) weak, Aroon Down halt at 92.86 weird, check after 1/5/16 look like copy and paste trend, be ready Bearish

$AMRN Indicator reading, ...SMA-3 still under SMA-9, the downside will continue. Price under SMA-20 (-0.32), near to SMA-50 (+0.22) target Bearish

$AMRN My system say, The Business Gap still between 1.90 (low) and 3.46 (high) for a 45.09% of opportunity, I am planning 1/3 of it for $$$ Bearish

$AMRN My system say, the perfect price paid is 3.12, please fix your cost to that level, under for Long, and Above for Short, Bearish

$AMRN after the smokescreen, my system say "BUY" base price in below to the BB Bottom, Trend Performance still "downtrend" Bearish

$AMRN Updating Position, Killer lever 3.28, profit 2,580.00, Trading Alert base BB Bottom indicator "Buy" Bearish
$AMRN Updating Technical Indicator closing date August 30 of 2016, a good day at all, the downside continue, ???? Bearish

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