Friday, September 23, 2016

$AMRN Weekly Red Triangle, ... Chart and Indicator Updating

September 23 of 2016

As average, the weekly performance circle is from 9 to 12 weeks, we are in the second week of the current negative downtrend, then the current circle could be working up to the first week of December of 2016.
My opinion $AMRN is not making any improve and the Company know it, this a market totally without a clear goal, thanks to that we have another 6,500 stocks having a decent performance, $AMRN is for me the worst stock to play and the best stock to lose your litter money.
My last update was two weeks ago, and I am not happy at all about the averages, and how traders are interpreting the market feeling, the averages, the indicator as a result of it, and the FDA concern and the Company game.
Current Trend is Neutral
The stock could be sell-off next weeks, it's indicator downside could take up to 3 months.
The ADX and the +DI 13 -DI 13 are moving to a downside.
Aroon Indicator is just totally negative to a bad performance.
The levels of the current performance still at:
Resistance at 2.79
Self-Correction at 2.35
Support at 1.91
The current volume  is below 50% of the previous 8 weeks.
The Average Price Paid Must be BELOW to 2.49, any value above is too risky.
As you "could" see the Volume at Price from 3.18 to 2.53 is controlled by "Sell"
The Parabolic SAR is negative.
The Volatility Stop is also negative.
As much you want to be "positive" you should be prepared to a wonderful bad news and my target in that scenario will a disaster for your money.
MACD still moving down.
Stochastics at 58.91 from 70.09
My call to worst downside is 80/20

September 6 of 2016

Weekly Update
Averages are moving down, MACD moving down
Level between 2.89 and 3.17 controlled by Sellers
Aroon UP Indicator on a positive area, but moving down.
Aroon DOWN Indicator 100, steady on a negative area, Byers are keeping the price positive but the averages are moving for reversal.
ADX positive for the price, but stop it's rally to up.
DI 13 -DI 13 price in a positive area.
Stochastic 70.09 and moving down.
I hope that the news for $AMRN will be a really issue for the trend performance, my call is 50/50.

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