Tuesday, July 18, 2017

$RWT, ....Descending Triangle on Daily Chart, Short Sale Position Open

July 18, 2017

A Descending Triangle on Place for Daily Chart Averages (2-day average) (swing trade) Short Sale Position Open

MACD histogram and line are in the positive area (0.03 from 0.05) territory neutral to negative averages, and the price is moving down.

Aroon Indicator the positive line at 60 descending from 70. The Aroon lines if it is crossed the trend performance will be more extensive and aggressive for the next 15 days.

ADX strong at 15.62 from 16.00 moving down indicating the very strong performance is making a change to a weak performance or no trading interest.

+DI 15 -DI 15 on a reversal of trend

Top 16.64 from 19.17, Bottom 12.87 from 13.12, moving to a negative performance.

Stochastic RSI oversold at (fast and slow at the same level 9.79 from 23.10)

Support Level 16.25 (0.74 to be crossed)
Self-Correction Level 16.59 (0.40 to be crossed)
Resistance Level 16.93 (0.06 to be crossed)

Business Gap Trading Alert (Neutral)

SMA-20           17.08
SMA-50           16.94
SMA-200         15.95

Trend Performance (Neutral)

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