Wednesday, August 9, 2017

$AMRN, ...Descending Triangle on Daily Chart, Open Signal to Cover

Business Gap Opportunity is 33.86%
Lowe Range: 2.95
High Range: 4.46

Support Level: 3.40
Self-Correction Level: 3.71
Resistance Level: 4.01

Business Gap Trading Alert: Neutral
Bollinger Top: 4.46
Bollinger Bottom: 3.34

SMA-20: 3.90   [price below]
SMA-50: 3.61   [price below]
SMA-200: 3.27 [price above]

Trend Performance:

Uptrend Status: Neutral
Downtrend Status: Downtrend

Short Position should start cover

Long Position should start open with 1/10 of the total capital to invest.

Volume decreasing denoting a sell-off mode continues, ...but! Cover Call started for an Open Long Position.

MACD histogram and line are in the negative area (-0.16 and -0.23) territory negative, and the price is moving down.

Aroon Indicator the positive line at [-100] descending from [-0.90] and the negative line [100.0] ascending from [90.0].

The Aroon lines are crossed the trend performance will be more extensive and aggressive for the next 15 days.

Aroon Oscillator 14 first day entirely negative at [-100.0], this is it, a negative price will continue.

ADX 14 -14 moving up to  [26.38] from [23.61].

+DI 15 -DI 15 negative to hold performance.

The Top running down [19.65] indicating the stable negative performance, The Bottom [29.47], moving up increasing the negative performance, a minimal gap in price is in place.

Stochastic RSI oversold at [6.99].

Williams %R 14 is under the lower negative line, indicating it is time to starting covering short position and start open Long Position.

This combination of this indicator will force the Algorithmics hit the "Buy" orders very soon.

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